Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Empowering A Billion Women By 2020

I think it is amazing that Dell has created Inspire360   incredible smart  for such an incredible support Participating and creating platforms for women. I will research more about all of the different offerings and programs and report about the next time I write a post, but IF you are anxious to learn more about the program right now than

Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Mother's Day Picks from Saks Fifth Avenue - Weekend Shoes , Handbags & Women's Accessories Picks

My Mother's Day Picks from Saks Fifth Avenue - Weekend Shoes , Handbags & Women's Accessories Picks

Valentino lace up shoes

Tod's suede booties

Yves Saint Laurent croc tote

Dolce Gabbana mini purse

Illesteva black glasses

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

3 Powerful Apps That Will Help You Write B2B Copy That Converts

Here are the 3 Apps that you need to add to your writer's toolbox immediately;

1. We We Monitor

When you enter your copy into the We We Monitor, it tells you how often you talk about yourself versus your audience.

2. The Hemingway App

Simply paste your copy into the Hemingway App and you’ll see where you can trim the fat. The app tells you which of your sentences are too complex. It also warns you about the overuse of adverbs and the passive voice.

Atomic Engager tells you – before you publish your post – how to improve your content to better engage your target audience. For example, it tells you if your language is too simple or complex for your target audience. It also identifies keywords, spelling mistakes and grammar issues.
Read more at 

Here is the original article so you can learn more about these apps and many other must-haves that you need in your life in this day and age.....

(This Article was originally written by Rachel Foster and printed onto the business2community website)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

H&M Just Released Best Ever Conscious Exclusive Collection for Spring 2014 making it their Third Eco-Friendly Fashion Collection


Fashionably Chic, Affordable and Eco-Friendly

The first thoughts that came to my mind is S-H-O-W-S-T-O-P-P-I-N-G & HOW MUCH IS IT GONNA COST FOR ME TO CAUSE THIS KIND OF TRAFFIC NUISANCE IN THE RALPHS SUPERMARKET PARKING LOT ( I don't get out much anymore)
In my opinion, H&M took the fashion design bull by the horns and ran with it with this collection. I would like for you to keep in mind that I am very very very picky, and for me to say something is this is impressive it must really have something to attain that kind of rating in my eyes.I might be the lone soldier on this , but I was at all impressed with the Isabel Marant x H&M Collection , and I ended buying pieces from the collection just to "buy" it and calm down from all the months of waiting,wishing and dreaming about this collection which turned out to be a flop in my eyes, my local H&M sent the collection leftovers back within 2 weeks because customers were not only not biting but they were poking fun at the fact that it was even hanging there after it was supposedly gonna sell out within seconds. I can tell you that my anticipation mixed with my disappointment after seeing the collection made me kinda lose ALL interest I still had left in Isabel Marant brand - I wore Isabel Marant when it was only carried in her Parisian boutique and 1 other location plus back then her stuff was made in Japan unlike now, where its all made in good ol' China. Anyways I still purchased 5 items when when I should have not purchased anything or at most only purchased 2 pieces , but you live and you learn. While I'm living and learning I will be dressed in my black Isabel Marant x H&M embroidered mini dress for the super- special evenings that I spend sitting on my living room couch on the computer.

I would love to hear some feedback from my readers (or my accidental blog passerby's) and your thoughts on the collection;What you liked about it? What you hated about it; and so forth. I definitely was at a loss for words was when I first laid my eyes on that White & Gold " Sergeant / Military " Jacket with those shiny GOLD buttons and gorgeous embroidery and trimming , the one thing I didn't like about it was that it kinda / sorta reminded me a bit of the jackets by Balmain.

Ever since "Other Stories" came into fruition, the store curators from there have contributed to the growth of the H&M brand and these efforts have had an extremely positive impact on the overall H&M brand.Quality of the designs and level of the creativity put into the design when comparing now to a few years ago is like night and day. I have noticed that whenever big brands like H&M , Gap , Target etc. attempt to do release a limited-time celebrity designer collaborations in today's day and age, it has failed to produce a positive impact for anyone including the brand and the celebrity designer in addition these collections all tend to lack quality behind the work and that is probably to do whatever it takes so the collaborative designer feels comfortable releasing that certain product.
When I walk into h&m nowadays I feel as though they examined my design thoughts and designed exactly what I was hoping to find.

Now on a more serious note let's think about the drastic price inflations on everything within any market. Like most normal working women in America I earn just enough to buy a few new things here and there each season. Unfortunately, when you are in your mid-twenties your friends /peers start deciding to get married every other weekend which puts a strain on a working girl's already tighter-than-a-size-00- budget , and unless I want to go on the " Cup of Noodles " meal plan for the next month I simply can't afford to buy expensive dresses every other week for the next schmuck's going away party. which I will once Without further to do here are a few of my favorite pieces from the 2014 Conscious Collection. In my opinion , H&M has monopolized the " fast-retailing " fashion market and are now retaining some of the luxury customers who think its silly overpaying for material things when they can get the same thing for 1/10th of the price. There is really is no other competitor that is a threat to them or even close to them because H&M has skillfully become a well-rounded in all aspects of the market from the outstanding design to the rice. I am really surprised at how far h&M HAS advanced past ZARA within only a short amount of time and that is becauseconsistently produced dropping collections which not only look good , but feel good because h&m knows what the customers want which is high-quality , well-designed apparel , shoes , accessories at reasonable prices which a normal working American citizen can afford . I can say without a hesitation that I have given HM my loyalty for the past year and have bought a majority of fashion " necessities " at H&M.

H&M should rebrand their motto and make it something like " Reasonable Retailing " because H&M seems to treat their employees well and shows respect to their customers by trying to keep the prices reasonable with minimal inflation and still manages to maintain quality workmanship and customers know to appreciate H&M for those efforts. I spend probably 1/20th of what I used to spend annually on clothes because I always would be the girl automatically rejecting the mall retailers because I never give anyone a chance if they weren't within a mile radius of Barneys or Rodeo Dr. which now makes me to pull my hair out if I drive anywhere near that street and it makes me cringe when I think of how much Barneys New York and Saks Fifth Avenue markup their items as well as how much they overcharge for parking while I am go in to look for something that I can spend my-hard-earned on while I could have gone to get a pair of jeans at H&M for the amount it would cost to cover the sales tax of a designer jean at one of these luxury department stores , and the funny part is that I have probably over 50 pairs of denim jeans and the ones I prefer to wear are my h&m skinnies because they hold their own after 1 wash unlike these "designer jean brand names" like Paige , Seven , Hudson , Rag & Bone , Joe's , Mother etc.. All I know is that whenever I need anything to wear I go directly to H&M because it's guaranteed that I will find something perfect to wear for that occasion.

How Perfect Are All of These Dresses ? I have my lil' Coachella eyes fixated on the white dress which the model is sitting down on the chair in ... I would pair it with those nude mules and I am set to go... Fun , Flirty yet Chic and Sophisticated.

Here is One Tip: Stay at The Parker Palm Springs ,you can visit them online at ,since it will be the only place you will be able to escape to when trying to get away from the Coachella hipsters / crazies / druggies. Trust me you will remember my tip after the first day on the festival grounds,trust this ain't my first rodeo ;)
I think these outfit are perfect for Palm Springs , the black dress can be worn to a nice dinner or something unless of course you are planning to go on a 3-day & night non-stop party bender which in that case I would recommend booking a room at the Betty Ford Clinic to make sure they have room on that Monday after Coachella because it's their busiest day of the year ;)

Modeled throughout by the lovely Amber Valletta & Andreea Diaconu